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MSC OPAS 42 The Cerebral Gesture: The Paintings of Alan Stacell The Great War Exhibit


Take a look at this year's OPAS lineup, which includes national tours direct from Broadway, concerts, theatrical plays, family fun, and more.

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The Cerebral Gesture: The Paintings of Alan Stacell

Visit an exhibit of 20 paintings by the late Alan Stacell, a prolific artist and former professor of architecture at Texas A&M

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The Great War Exhibit

"The Great War: Memories of Service and Sacrifice, A World War I Exhibit Featuring the Aggie Experience" will be open at Cushing Memorial Library & Archives through August 2014.

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Roundtable on “Human Rights Abuses and the Politics of Memorial Sites in Latin America”

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Wednesday, October 2, 2013
4:00 pm – 5:00 pm
The Glasscock Center will host a roundtable discussion entitled “Human Rights Abuses and the Politics of Memorial Sites in Latin America” on 2 October 2013. Participants in the roundtable will reflect on and continue the conversation started by Patricio Guzmán’s documentary, Nostalgia for the Light, which will be shown in The Evans Library Annex, Room 410, on 1 October 2013 at 7 p.m. Two scholars of Latin American theater and performance, Dr. Paola S. Hernández and Dr. Brenda Werth, will present papers centering on the Southern Cone region of South America in the aftermath of the human rights violations that occurred under dictatorships that existed there in the 1970s and 1980s also presented in the film Nostalgia for the Light. Professor Hernández’s talk addresses the ongoing debates initiated by human rights organizations and grassroots movements on how best to recover or document history. She proposes two modes for understanding a traumatic past: museums and documentary film. Professor Werth’s presentation reveals the ways in which Southern Cone human rights activists and artists have collaborated to produce artwork that is central to the collective tasks of mourning, commemoration and memorialization in the post-dictatorial contexts of Chile and Argentina. Her multi-genre approach, theater, and photography to demonstrate the creative modes artists have employed to represent loss and absence, to draw attention to continuing injustices, and to provide public sites and rituals of commemoration.
Glasscock Center for Humanities Research
Glasscock Center
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Reception begins at 3:30 p.m.
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