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Undergraduate Convocation Virginia Fleck Exhibition MSC OPAS 42

Undergraduate Convocation

Faculty and university leaders welcome incoming undergraduate students as they enter the Texas A&M University Community of Scholars.

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Virginia Fleck Exhibition

Austin artist Virginia Fleck critiques what she calls "our consumerist society" with circular mandalas made from product packaging material.

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Take a look at this year's OPAS lineup, which includes national tours direct from Broadway, concerts, theatrical plays, family fun, and more.

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Smart Grid Workshop

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Tuesday, April 8, 2014
7:30 am – 6:00 pm
Goals: The smart grid has broadly defined goals as outlined in a study of the National Energy Technology Laboratory commissioned by the Department of Energy (DOE): • Accommodating all generation and storage options; • Enabling new products, services, and markets; • Providing the power quality for the range of needs in the 21st century economy; • Optimizing asset utilization and operating efficiently; • Addressing disturbances through automated prevention, containment, and restoration; • Operating resiliently against all hazards; • Enabling informed participation by customers. The overall goals of this workshop are: • Strengthen partnerships between faculty, industry, end-users, and government agencies; • Expand on-going projects; • Develop white papers leading to collaborative research proposals. Specific Objectives and Expected Outcomes: • Discuss smart grid-related potential advances in the following areas: 1) Energy management for facilities (buildings); 2) Big data, visualization, and data analytics; 3) Synchrophasors and signal processing; 4) Materials, devices, and sensors; 5) Flexible load, energy storage, and on-site generation; 6) Communications and embedded systems; 7) Transportation and EVs; 8) Cyber-physical security; 9) Transmission, distribution and renewables interfacing; 10) Education, training, and test beds. • Identify means of partnerships within specific research areas above focusing on formulation of research problems, demonstration projects, technology evaluation, student internships, and joint proposal for selected solicitations. Examples of Funded On-going Projects: • ARPA-E award, “Robust Adaptive Topology Control,” Mladen Kezunovic (PI), Garng Huang, Erick Moreno-Centeno, Alex Sprintson (Co-PIs), with partners from Berkeley, ASU, ORNL, ACS and TVA $5,500,000; • DOE award, subcontract from ABB, "A Real-time Monitoring, Control & Health Management System to Improve Grid Reliability and Efficiency", Mladen Kezunovic (Co-PI), $700,000, ($2,300,000 Award to ABB as the Prime); • NSF I/UCRC award, “Center for Electric Vehicles – Transportation and Electric Convergence (EV-TEC)”, Mark Ehsani (Site Director), Mladen Kezunovic (Deputy Director), $2,000,000; • PSerc award, “Systematic Integration of Large Data Sets for Improved Decision Making”, Mladen Kezunovic (PI), Le Xie (Co-PI), Santiago Grijalva (NREL), $210,000; • PSerc award, “Reliability Assessment and Modeling of Cyber Enabled Power Systems with Renewable Sources and Energy Storage”, Chanan Singh (PI), Alex Sprintson, Visvakumar Aravinthan (Wichita State University) (Co-PIs) $220,000; • TAMU award, Interdisciplinary TAMU education grant to develop a student-oriented, experiential interdisciplinary approach to inspire future leaders in the energy sector and empower an educated, smart energy consumer to participate in the future smart electricity grid; Robert Balog, Le Xie and Steve Puller (Co-PIs), $180,000. Sponsors: • Smart Grid Center • Office of Vice President for Research • Texas Engineering Experiment Station • Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering Contact: Mladen Kezunovic, Ph.D., P.E., Eugene E. Webb Professor, Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Tel. 979-845-7509, E-mail:, Website: Further Information: Smart Grid Center:
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