BASF Symposium

8:00 AM Registration 8:30 AM Welcome and Opening Remarks 8:50 AM Poster Presenter “1-minute Elevator Pitch” 9:30 AM Oral Presentations: Hyosan An (Lutkenhaus Group) and Thomas O’Loughlin (Banerjee Group) 10:20 AM Break and Posters 11:00 AM BASF Presentation, Dr. Sven Wagner 11:30 AM Oral Presentations: Prerna Jain (Mannan Group) and Charles Sweeney (Green Group) 12:20 PM Lunch and Posters 2:00 PM Oral Presentations: Xizhen Lian (Zhou Group) and Pilar Suarez Martinez (Lutkenhaus Group) 2:50 PM Break and Posters 4:00 PM Closing Remarks and Awards